Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Your Loan Officer Matters

The loan officer that you choose is so important to ensuring a successful process, it is even more important than the company you decide to move forward with is the loan officer you choose.
Dealing with a professional loan officer is important. It basically guarantees that you get the transaction completed and working with a loan officer that has integrity will ensure you also get the best loan on the market you qualify for. So many mortgage originators are so new to the business they don't understand the dynamics of the programs available to clients neither do they understand how to know there is a benefit for the borrower potentially looking to refinance.
Do NOT work with someone who quotes rates/fees without understanding your financial situation and knowing where you want to be when the refinance is completed. This is so vital to you because only new loan officers quote rates without understanding their clients. These are NOT the ones that you want to work with.
Lastly make certain you are comfortable with the loan originator you move forward with. Do research on not only the company but the loan originator you enjoy talking with and feel like they are interested in your situation. Having at least 3 years plus experience is vital for you. Below are some highlights that you should ensure before moving forward with whatever company you choose.
1) Choose a loan originator with experience. This is vital to ensuring a smooth efficient transaction whether you are refinancing or purchasing a home.
2) Choose someone who sounds knowledgeable and trustworthy. Make certain they know what they are talking about when it comes to your mortgage.
3) Choose someone focused on making certain there is a benefit to you the borrower in the transaction. Someone generally focused on rate and costs may not understand the process enough to know if refinancing makes sense for you. A loan officer with integrity will always take care of their clients. That is a certainty.
4) Before making the final decision be certain that the loan makes sense for you and is beneficial. After this now it is time to choose the loan officer that you believe has helped you the most to this stage in the game and seems more than competitive in their offer.
I hope this article helps you before you make your next decision. Remember dealing with an inexperienced loan officer can become a NIGHTMARE.
Good Luck!

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